Homemade Remedies to Glow Your Skin

In this article we are going to tell you how you can get your skin fairer at home, with homemade remedies


      1. Banana


Banana contains Anti aging and Natural Bleach properties. To get your skin colour fairer massage your skin with Banana Pulp and wash after five minute.
      2. Papaya



Papaya contains Vitamin A and Anti-Oxidants. That helps to hide aging Liven. Apply Papaya paste on your skin and wash after five minute.


     3. Cucumber


Cucumber contains enough Water and Anti-Oxidants. Apply Cucumber Juice twice in a week and wash when gets dry. This will glow your skin and remove Specks.
     4. Potato

Potato helpful to hide aging Liven and also glow skin colour. Apply Potato Juice and wash when gets dry. This will glow your skin.
     5. Tomato

Tomato contains Lycopene properties, that known as a powerful source of Anti-Oxidants. Apply Tomato Juice  on your skin and wash after five minutes.


     6. Lemon & Honey


Lemon contains Vitamin C and Honey contains enough Anti-Oxidants this helpful for your skin to look young. Apply mixture of Lemon, Honey and Turmeric Powder on your skin and do massage, wash it after.


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